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Welcome to the Parc des Combes located in the Creusot in Burgundy!

Fill up on family sensations with more 21 attractions and discover our natural space on the train to steam "The Jalopy of the Crouillotes". In the Creusot Combes Park, It's for all attractions, soft sensations to the extreme with the Canad'R and its 5G, novelties with the Toucans, to spend a pleasant day with friends or family.

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  • Unpublished!
    The Toucans

    Unique! Ride the Toucans, gain speed and with the wing orient your Toucan. As a pilot, You can keep things smooth, Or you can navigate back and forth by swinging using the…
    From 90 cm
    Your child must be accompanied if he is less than 1.40m tall
  • New, very big sensations!

    The breathtaking novelty of the Parc des Combes! The Odysseus will turn you around, Fly into space, the return to planet Earth will be hectic!
    From 1.40 m
  • Turn!
    The Round of Squirrels

    Settle into the Squirrel Round and hang on, It's going to turn! Opening in early July 2020
    From 80cm and 3 years
    Less than 1.10m accompanied
  • Aquatic!
    The rivers of the West

    The rivers of the West, Canadian River of two falls, 5 meters and 9,50 meters. Refreshment and sensations guaranteed.
    As soon as 1 meter
    Less than 1.40m accompanied
  • Panoramic
    The Ferris wheel

    A view to 360 degrees, 25 meters of height at the highest point of the Park of the Combes, the Ferris wheel offers great views of the Morvan, the town of le Creusot and even in clear weather Mont Blanc!
    For all
    Your child must be accompanied if it measures less than 1.40 m
  • Full throttle!
    Woodside 66

    Take place in the sidecar, and fly! By operating the throttle the sidecar goes up to 80 °. Thrills for the whole family, from 90cm.
    From 90cm
    Your child must be accompanied if it measures less than 1,30 m
  • Dizzying!

    Around 40 metres in height, up to 100 km/h and 5G, loops and the ability to fly his aircraft. A French exclusive in collaboration with Universal-Effects, theming and surprising special effects.
    From 1.40 m
    Your child must be accompanied by if it has less than 14 years
  • Got snow!
    Alpine Coaster

    11 years after the summer toboggan run, Discover the Alpine Coaster. Got snow! Well attached to its rails, the Alpine Coaster will surprise you with a dynamic course, turns, bumps and even a spiral! The more adventurous will be happy…
    From 3 years
    Your child must be accompanied by if it has less than 8 years
  • Notice to Airmen!

    Once in the air, children will have the opportunity to choose their altitude and make ascents and vertiginous descents!
    From 75cm
    Your child must be accompanied by if it measures less than 90cm
  • Freely!
    Small flying chairs

    Children also have the right to the flying chairs! Sweet sensations, freedom in the air!
    From 90cm
    Up to 1.40 m
  • A surprising adventure!
    River of the barrels

    Embark on the barrels, a walk on the River with a splash safely!
    From 90cm
    Forbidden beyond 1.40m
  • Fly!
    Hot air balloons

    Hot air balloons rise you to ten meters in the sky! Each pod is open 2 adults and 2 children, turn on she even and around the mast. For the whole family!
    From 1 year
    Your child must be accompanied by if it measures less than 1.20 m
  • Find the charm of the old rides!

    Come and discover this attraction that will delight young and old!
    From 1 year
    Your child must be accompanied by if it measures less than 90cm
  • At the heart of the Wild West!

    Welcome to the Gallop of the Combes! A true invitation to travel on horseback, young and old will be delighted by a circuit at the heart of the Wild West.
    From 1 year
    Your child must be accompanied by if it measures less than 1 m
  • Take flight!
    Zip line

    Sit in the car and you are left to fly to 10 meters in height and 50 metres. An incredible feeling of freedom! And presto! Again in reverse.
    From 7 years and 1.25 m
    Up to 100kg
  • Amazing views!

    On the Vertingo , six children and adults are projected at a height of approximately 6 meters. The descent is not a treaty but fitfully successive causing surprise and excitement! The session is repeated several times before…
    From 90cm
    Your child must be accompanied by if it measures less than 1 m
  • Water sensations!
    Nautic Jet

    A boat, hoisted to 8 metres in height, starts a crazy race to finish with a break in the middle of a water basin. Guaranteed laughter and splashes!
    From 7 years and 1.25 m
    Up to 90kg
  • The Commander is you!

    A flight to 15 meters, loops or quieter flight, It is you who are at the helm! Adrenaline rush guaranteed!
    From 1,30 m
    For children and adults
  • A dizzying journey to the center of the mine!

    The devilish train of the Park of Combes takes you into a heady run at the heart of the mine of the Combes. Installed by Vekoma society, manufacturer of the famous train to the Mine in Disneyland Paris, This facility is a first…
    From 1 m
    Your child must be accompanied if it measures less than 1.20 m
  • Unique in Burgundy
    Summer toboggan run

    The summer toboggan run you will find the gliding sensation of your last vacation to winter sports! 435 meters of descent at full speed are on the program, After 200 metres of ascent on a real lift effortlessly…
    From 3 years
    Your child must be accompanied by if it has less than 8 years
  • Go to the next level!

    Latest know-how Vekoma, Dutch manufacturer renowned for the quality of its facilities and large parks such as Disney provider, the "Junior Boomerang" was settled on the heights of le Creusot. It's the only copy to the France. This…
    From 1 m
    Your child must be accompanied by if it has less than 8 years or measure less than 1.20 m
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The Train of the two valleys

During a wonderful trip, You'll discover surprising views on mounts of the Beaujolais and the Morvan at the edge of our train steam "The Jalopy of the Crouillottes"!

Bridges, gorges, waterfalls and tunnels punctuate the line in dramatic fashion and give an alpine look at the Train from the two valleys.

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The Park is open from 11: 00 to 18: 00
Park open from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
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