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  • Halloween
  • 31 OCTOBER 2023

Fear train

Halloween's going to wake up the ghost that in you!

Special trains after noon at Combes Park during the Thanksgiving holiday (Sunday 22, Wednesday 25, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 and Tuesday 31 2 p.m., 15h, 16h, 17(h) with the haunted tunnel and the Witch of the Combes accompanied by his pot full of candy! Without reservation, go directly to the Combes Park. Public rates: included in the Pass Partout.


Fear train

The Fear train is included in the Day Everywhere Pass but you can also access it without the PASS for a price of € 12.50 from 1.20m / 9,90 for the 90cm to 1.20 m and free for less than 90cm.

Groups by reservation only, possibility of deposit-sale of tickets C.E.

Special program
31 October 2023


Departure of Train of fear


Departure of Train of fear


Departure of Train of fear


Departure of Train of fear


Departure of Train of fear

From 7 pm

Witch's soup and giant tartiflette! Price 12€, reservation on site the same day.

Nocturnal until 9pm

Nocturne attractions until 9pm

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